What a difference a year makes

I started the blog with high hopes to bring an outlet to the inside of our business. Instead life has gotten a hold of me spit me back out with a new last name, a new home and new look on life. God does not care what your plan is because he really already has it all planned out. So this page will stay up— maybe as an experiment so you can see how we are growing. Stay tuned a new year is coming and that means new event dates!


Mr.& Mrs. Brown

September 21st, 2018

New Year Starts in December.....

While people are 2017 Christmas shopping.  Stallion Marketing is busy working on bringing a number of great new events to the Southern portion of South Jersey for 2018.  In an effort to streamline a lot of what we do there's a new website, new registration system (out today hit the application tab in our events section) and the unveiling of the first batch of events (the ones you've grown to love) we are announcing to both our visitors and vendors. 

Can you believe we've been doing our Food Truck Event for 5 years?  Denis and I can't either.  

It's going to be an exciting 2018 with the announcements of our new 2018 events coming out mid January.  There will be wine, sunsets and a few other great things coming that we're excited to talk about.  

The blog is also a new venture.   We're going to try and keep our friends, work family and visitors apprised to what our company does as a whole and bring you both updates to things we are seeing while we travel and do business.  A Hodge-Podge of our lives and worklife I guess?  We'll see how this goes.

Boss Lady